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The Dacia Owners Club has been founded in 2010 for all Dacia Owners Worldwide but primarily has been designed to support those new members in the United Kingdom. Whilst it need to have basic rules for operation. The Dacia Owners Club is a section of the Renault Owners Club and primarily will be governed by those rules. The guidance is follows:

The club shall attempt to run in a manner that promotes growth and is in the interests of the members.

The club is a limited company, this is to protect the members from claims outside that covered by the insurance. Postings on the forum are the property of the poster and not of the club. However any deemed to be against the interest of the club may be removed.

Service the club employs shall be open to market testing particularly if supplied by a member.

The club will be none competitive but may organise events at competitive venues.

The members shall run the club and all the members will have an annual opportunity to choose those to run the club.

Membership initially will consist only of forum members who will pay for insurance for events - when numbers are sufficient, running costs of the web and costs of the club. Should numbers reach sufficient levels, the club will consider running a printed news letter.

The committee may look to gain sponsorship or advertising that is in the interest of the club and Dacia to reduce the joining fee.

The President shall (if they choose to be) be the Managing Director or Dacia or Renault in the principle country.

Should the club choose to close, all remaining assets shall first be offered to the Renault Owners Club and then Dacia Renault.

Events shall be run by the members for the members. 

Principally the Dacia Owners Club will support an On-Line Media.

There will be no free members, save the president and representatives of the brand, of the club except by the agreement of over 50% of the club's members and these will be annually reviewed.

The club will welcome partnerships with other organisations that support the beliefs above.


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